The Smooth SystemTM was created after years of development by industry professionals

There was a niche in the market for a professional hair removal treatment that would remove blonde and dark hairs, cause little or no pain, be time effective and also give long term results.

The Smooth system gives you all of these things and can be used on any skin colour, hair colour or gender.

With over 91% of the 39,000 salons in the UK offering some form of hair removal, THE SMOOTH SYSTEMTM would bring a new dynamic to your business.

The Smooth SystemTM consists of 5 products that complement each other for the purpose of long term hair reduction. Treatment can be taken as a course of 6 to 12 treatments, where by after you may have to have top up treatments about 4 times a year.

It is a new concept in making hair removal PAIN FREE, relaxing and even enjoyable, by adding beautiful scents and soothing ingredients, and even a neck and shoulder massage whilst the skin is being re balanced to a pH 5.5, it makes The Smooth SystemTM very unique.

In the fast paced life, we live in, treatments that offer multiple benefits in one visit are definitely the future of the world of beauty.

Join the revolution today!